3. Iamm D'Sai, b. 1032 at Neriak, d. 1072 at South Ro, Recruited into the Dark Retribution 1057, Gained control of the Guild Dark Retribution 1070, Went Insane 1071

Father: 1. T'laan D'Sai, b. 1000 at Neriak, tete with outcast Queen of Neriak 1030
First thought to be cousin, Discovered later to be Wliab's Twin Brother, relegated to the streets at birth
Dark Elf Wizard

Spouse: Devia T'sarran EbonBlade, b. at Neriak, m. Arkus Ebonblade at Timorous Deep, m. Graebec Ana'Thema, Recruited into the guild Dark Retribution (again), Recruited into the guild Doves of Truth, Left the guild Dark Retribution, Recruited into the guild Dark Retribution

Dark Elf
Married 1062.

Children and grandchildren:

  1. 4. Zeria Vicaress Darkfyre, b. 1063 at Neriak, adopted by Roewan Vicaress, 1072, m. Lunadar Darkfyre, 1112 at West Commons; 2 grandchildren

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