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Everyone's opinion of a "favorite" holiday differs. However, being a nation who loves to drink and have a good time, New Year's Eve is probably the most favored American holiday. It is a time where everyone thinks they have an excuse for their excessive drinking, slurring of words, and inappropriate behavior. It is a time when everyone just releases their stress and parties all night. They all look forward to a new year, a fresh start and fulfilling their resolutions. So many people travel on New Year's or host parties. Americans truly enjoy New Year's because it is all about fun and new beginnings. Another favorite American holiday (for getting drunk) is St. Patrick's Day. This is favored especially by the young, college-student crowd. People love bar-hopping and dressing in green on this festive day. The fall and winter seasons consist of many fun holidays as well. First off, in everyone anticipates Halloween because that is when everyone gets dressed up and eats lots of candy. Children enjoy trick-or-treating while the adults attend Halloween parties. It is truly fun for all ages. About a month later, we celebrate Thanksgiving. Families gather around to make decorations, have festive meals and eat turkey. After the Thanksgiving festivities, people start getting ready for another favorite holiday, Christmas. Decorations fill up the streets, homes, and businesses all around town. It comes to no surprise that Christmas is one of the mostly highly favored holidays in America. It's something many Americans look forward to all year long. It is also a time of being with the family and showering each other with gifts. Moreover, 4th of July is a highly favored holiday. It is also a time where people have a long weekend and get the opportunity to travel. Also, it is fun to see fireworks in the sky. Many people host barbeques in honor of this holiday. Although it is meant for patriotism, the time is mostly utilized for leisure.

As for least favorite holidays, many Americans, especially those who don't have significant others, hate Valentine's Day. It puts an overwhelming amount of pressure on single people to find a "valentine" or to woo someone, and it puts pressure on couples to impress each other with a romantic date or gift. Although many people love the fact that they get to drink on St. Patrick's Day, many think it is a pointless holiday. They find it to be insignificant. Other holidays that Americans find to be insignificant are Columbus Day, Flag Day, and sadly, Veterans Day.

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