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Popular European Holidays Not Celebrated in the U.S.

Some of the European countries have special holidays that are not celebrated in the United States. Each country has its own set of holidays that are not necessarily celebrated globally. Here is a list of popular holidays that are only celebrated in some of Europe's countries.

England - Battle of Britain day (September 15)
France- Bastille Day (French Independence Day, July 14)
Greece - Greek Independence Day (March 25)
Ireland- Bloomsday (June 16)
Spain - Fiestas de Otono

In addition to holidays, Europe has many festivals that are celebrated on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, the U.S. doesn't have any of these festivals. Here is a list of only a few of the most interesting European festivals that will take place in 2011 along with their location.

  *  St. Anthony's Day in Spain - the patron saint of animals is celebrated by people running through fire on a horse.
  *  Masquerade - festival in Pernik, Bulgaria.
  *  Temple Bar Tradfest - traditional musicians play in every bar at this music celebration in Dublin's cultural quarter.
  *  Rijeka Carnival - a festival originally celebrated by Austrian and Hungarian aristocrats, now open for celebration to the world.
  *  Hogmanay in Edinburgh - the ultimate way to celebrate the New Year.

  *  Orange Throwing at the Ivrea Carnival - this festival literally consists of throwing oranges at one another in Ivrea, Italy.
  *  Viareggio Carnaval - this is an Italian-style carnival taking place in Viareggio, Italy.
  *  Valentine's Day in Italy - the day of love is celebrated in San Valentino's hometown.

  *  Jerez Festival - this is the place to be for enjoying Andalucan Flamenco and partying.
  *  Carnaval in Belgium - you will also get oranges thrown at you here.
  *  Venice Carnival - this is the biggest fancy dress celebration in the whole world. It dates back to 1268 AD.
  *   White Night in Rome - come to the Eternal city to celebrate 24 hours of light.

  *  Camden Crawl - London's indie music festival
  *  Snake festival - come to Cocullo to witness statues with live snakes on them.

  *  Copenhagen Carnival - this is one of Europe's biggest street parades. Lots of the performers are South American.
  *  Cannes Film Festival - most prestigious film festival in Europe where so many European, American, and other stars gather.

  *  Sonar in Barcelona - the Sonar Music festival is a legendary festival of electro techno music and arts.
  *  Naked Bike Ride in Brighton- watch a naked, 3 hour bike ride on 2 wheels.
  *  Nova Rock - one of Europe's biggest music festivals with the top artists and over 100,000 people.

  *  Harp Festival - Ireland's best known blind musician is celebrated.
  *  Secret Garden Party - one of London's coolest festivals.
  *  Bastille Day in Paris - come to celebrate the city of love's independence Day with parades and fireworks.

  *  Semana Grande Bilbao - a week long party is held in the town of Bilbao.
  *  European Beard and Mustache Competition- famous contest of hair in Grottglie.

  *  Paris Techno Party - Dance parties are going on all night in the city of love.
  *  Oktoberfest in Munich - 14 beer tents will be filling up the streets of Munich for this Beerfest.

  *  Western France and Ireland have jazz festivals during this month.

  *  Horn Festival - a day for remembering who has ever been cheated on.

  *  Kerstbier Beer in Essen - beer festival in the town of Essen, Belgium.

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