School Holiday Dates

Growing up as kids - we all loved school holiday dates. Not only did we have off from school - but it was a weekday and sometimes one or both of our parents wouldn't be home so that we could really enjoy ourselves! Snow days came sporadically throughout the year, but school holidays were a known quantity which we knew we could count on year after year.

Most schools have 180 days in a school year. Colleges often have significantly less school days. Most schools are closed from late June until the beginning of the September for summer break. Throughout the school year, the following dates are often school holidays:

Fall break - Around Mid October, schools usually take off 2 days for fall break

Thanksgiving - One of the most popular holiday times, schools are closed on Thanksgiving day and the day after. Some schools are also closed the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as well.

Christmas Break - This is usually a one week break that goes from Christmas eve until January 2nd. This gives the student off for Christmas as well as New Years eve and day.

Winter Break - For a week usually in March, schools close for Winter break.

Easter Break - Usually for a week, ending on Easter Sunday

Federal Holidays - This would also include religious Holidays such as Good Friday and Passover.