Notes on Web Page Construction (WPC)


The web has many sites that provide starting points for potential visitors. If you advertise your website to these major indicies they will generate many visitors to your site. Just be sure that when you advertise that the indicie you advertise with places the link in an appropriate location. Why have a link to your "Sport Fishing" page under the "Crochet & Knitting" list? Yes, both topics use a string/line/cord, but noone that visits a Crochet & Knitting page is going to be interested in Sport Fishing. It just does not relate.

Update Advertisements

Also remember, if you move a page that you have advertised on an index, you should go back to that index and tell them you have moved the page (and where the new site is). Even the big indexes (like Yahoo) need this feeback, they do not prowl the net looking for moved pages. This task is just as important as keeping your pages updated with relavant information.


Another thing to consider is to track the "competition". In the indexs you advertise in will be other websites that will have a similiar idea. You might be the first, but you will not be the last. Look at those other pages, see what they present. See how they present the information. If you want to compete head-to-head with them find ways to make your page(s) better than theirs. Cooler graphics, a better structure, better indexes, better search engines, etc. If you want to complement their work, add pointers to their page in yours, and ask that they add pointers to your page in theirs. This cross-pointing will also work if you want to compete with them.

What not to Advertise

It might seem a good idea to advertise your personal Hot Links page. I feel this is not a good idea. Generaly the page is organized to suit your personal needs best, and you update it constantly with new and sometimes very unrelated information. If someone stumbles onto it by one of your up links... or link to my personal page from your "whoami.html", then ok. Just do not go to the trouble of advertising it on major indexes. I do not think it would be worth your effort to try and maintain it for the masses.

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