Notes on Web Page Construction (WPC)


Experimenting with different sorts of web page ideas is a good thing. It gets you thinking about ways to present information. It makes you try out new things with the web you would not have considered before. Experimental pages will get visitors thinking about the possibilities for other ideas (ever heard of Synergy?). Some of these ideas might come to nothing at all. Some might lead you down paths that two months from now you never would have considered. Feedback from visitors on these pages will help spark new ideas.

Having experimental pages up is ok. And letting them sit and go un-updated (because you ran out of ideas to expand it) is ok. Just be sure to say somewhere in the page, that this is an experiment of yours.

Ideas Page

If you like experimenting with ideas for web presentation, I also suggest that you have another page of "Web Page Ideas". Put into this page a list of any and every idea you have that might turn into a web page. Add to this page and update it frequently. Include links to all of your experimental pages. Ask for feedback. Let your imagination run wild. Try on this page simply to make a list (maybe with multiple levels). If you wish to expound and explain the ideas, create seperate idea pages that go into as much detail as you would like. Don't simply assume because you like the idea that everyone that visits your ideas page will agree with you and want to read your wonderfully detailed description. Allow them to see the list, and if interested, then request the more detailed description.

This concept of presenting your great and wonderful ideas to the world at large, without receiving compensation might seem to be self-defeating. If you value your ideas, and wish to profit from them, then this approach might not be for you. But I am a firm believer that if I impress enough people with my ideas, that eventually I might be able to generate great profit (or at least recognition) by being open and honest.

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