Notes on Web Page Construction (WPC)

Feedback from Customers

Feedback is important. If you want to make your pages better, and get more recognition for your work (and who does not?), have a mechanism to receive and process feedback. This could be as simple as putting in a "mailto:" link or it could be a feedback form to recieve comments. You will get some feedback (if at least "this is terrible"), and something is better than silence (i.e. no-news is not good news on the net).

If you arrange to have another web author-translator translate and present your pages into a languange that you cannot read, have that author-translator present two opportunities for feedback. The feedback choices should include one directly to you in your language, and one to the translator. The translator should translate that feedback to your langauage and forward it to you for consideration.. And if, as mentioned below, you wish to have an artist receive e-mail messages, have the web author-translator be able to translate and forward those compliments to the artist as well.

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