Notes on Web Page Construction (WPC)

Mandatory Pages

There are some pages that every website should have. These pages are like the brain cells of a body. They provide direction for the body. They provide an anchor point for all your pages to point to for solidity within your site. All web sites should have at least the following web pages:

Recognition Page

Every webpage should point to your "WhoAmI.html" page. This page tells the world who you are, where to contact you (via e-mail, if not other methods). Add some personal, public information about yourself. Have this page point to your personal hot-links page. Have it point to your major topic pages as well. Have a graphic, photo or drawing of yourself (if you want) on the page if you want the world to see the true you. Having a audio clip of a brief "Welcome, I am ----, ----- " recorded in your voice is cute and not at all offensive (like artwork can be).

Major Topic Pages

Some authors create pages dealing with one specfic topic. Others have pages that cover many topics. To help a visitor navigate through your webspace, whether it is large or small, you should have one (or more Major Topic Pages) that list the Minor Topics within your space. This will give the visitor a "home port" to come back to in case they get lost. If you have several major topics (e.g. Basket Weaving, Interstellar Travel, Web Page Translation, etc.), you should have a top level page that lists each of the major topics with links to those Major Topic Pages. The only relation between them is really your interest, but it helps to tie it together.

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