Notes on Web Page Construction (WPC)


The web is world wide. There are people from all countries, and speak (and read) many languages. Consider (if you have the budget) having your pages presented in multiple languages. Don't (at least not at first) consider preparing versions for every written language on earth. Determine one or two other languages where you might find visitors interested in your material and prepare the pages in that language.

Another idea is to find someone in the target country that has a web server available and can translate your language to theirs. Arrange to have that web author-translator update your pages into their native language equivalent and present it on their web server. Add a link from your primary page to the translated version. Also have the author-translator have a pointer back to your primary page.

This can present a rather daunting task of keeping your translator (or many translators) up to date whenever you change a page. You might want to send a monthly or quarterly update of all the changes in bulk. But then you will need to keep a track of them.

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