Notes on Web Page Construction (WPC)

Updated Information

Updates are important. The information you present may be timely and accurate, but information will change over time. Be sure to take the time to maintain the information, otherwise it will become stale. Do not put up a page of all works by your favorite author, unless you plan to keep it up to date.

New Presentation Methods

The web is evolving in the way information can be presented. At first there was no such things as Tables. Now there are. Math and Figure methods are currently under development. JAVA, M/S Visual Basic, VRML and other capabilities are on the horizon. These new and exciting mechanisms can allow you to present information in much richer and nicer fashion. As an individual you might not be able to keep up with all of these advances and use each to their full capability. Monitor how the web is changing. Keep abreast of the changing trends. Continue to learn new things.

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