Notes on Web Page Construction (WPC)

What is Presented

The most important thing on a web page is the information that is presented. Some people forget that and believe that the way it is presented is most important. If the information presented is not important to people, you will have few, if any, visitors. The information should be complete as possible, and kept current as time proceeds. Remember that if you present a web-site on a particular subject, many visitors will consider your information to be accurate and current. If it is neither you will lose visitors and your reputation.

Knowledge Source

Develop pages on which you are knowledgable. If you wish to experiment with a subject, specify that on the page. Clearly state in the page that you are acting as a transcriber or translator. Have references to the original source material, and that you have been given permision from the originator to publish the material.


If you wish to re-publish newsletters, tables of information, bibliographys, papers or any other material which you are not the original author or creator you should seek permission from the originator. Generally there will be no complaint to have information published electronically. However, some organizations make a living off selling newsletters or information the newsletters contain. Since the information provided by web sites is accessible to any web browser that will infringe upon the profit motive of the newsletter.

If you re-publish a newsletter for an organization, have a section in your website that provides information on how to contact the organization and become a member. Whom to call, what address to write to (via traditional postal methods), and what e-mail address to send requests to (if available). Be ready to field requests from interested parties.

Information that can be found from many different sources, like star tables, train schedules, conversion charts that have no direct and single source can be readily reproduced without infringing upon the original source's rights.


The information presented should be structured for easy navigation from one page to another. Organize the information in a page as well as the pages themselves. Consider what links to place where, and to what they should link. Most of all, do not feel that you must make it right the first time around. The web is an everchanging field of information. Try out one structure, and if later you find a better way to present the information, change the structure to use the new one.

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