Notes on Web Page Construction

When a person decides to construct a World Wide Web Page they will either find out how to use HTML via the Web Page tutorials or through any of several books on the market. Occasional the potential author will acquire a book (or find a web page) that tells them how to construct a good web page and how to maintain it. I have organized (I hope well) here a collection of my personal opinions on how to do this.

As most with most web pages, this one is still in development. It will (most definitely) change. It already has since I started the writing it. The ideas I present here are mostly formulated from what I call "Common Sense." They present what might be seen as very obvious things to be done. You might ask the question: "Why did you bother telling me something so obvious?". If you do, then you do not need my input. If, however, you say "Hey, that makes sense!" and "Why didn't I think of that?", then this page has served its purpose.

If you believe I have wasted my time writing this. If you believe that you build the best web pages in the world, and you do not agree with any of my ideas, and think I am a fool for trying to explain my ideas. Then you are entitled to your opinion. I will not try to argue my points with you.

My Opinions

The ideas presented here are based solely on my personal opinion. I take full responsibility for them. You can accept those you like, and disregard those that offend. I have taken the time to write this stuff down so that I might be able to influence at least one other person in some way. If you wish to send me feedback, it is easy, send mail to me via the link below. And tell me what you think. Opinions are something everyone has, no matter what you might think.

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