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2005 - 2010 Holiday Dates

Below are the main holiday dates that were celebrated in the United States and Canada for the year of 2005 through 2010:
New Year's Day, U.S & CanadaJan. 1Jan. 1Jan. 1Jan. 1Jan. 1Jan. 1
Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, U.S (Observed)Jan. 17Jan. 16Jan. 15Jan. 21Jan. 19Jan. 18
Chinese/Lunar New YearFeb. 9
(Year 4703)
Jan. 29
(Year 4704)
Feb. 18
(Year 4705)
Feb. 7
(Year 4706)
Jan. 26
(Year 4707)
Feb. 14
(Year 4708)
Lincoln's Birthday, U.SFeb. 12Feb. 12Feb. 12Feb. 12Feb. 12Feb. 12
Valentine's DayFeb. 14Feb. 14Feb. 14Feb. 14Feb. 14Feb. 14
President's Day, U.S (Observed)Feb. 21Feb. 20Feb. 19Feb. 18Feb. 16Feb. 15
Family Day, Canada (Alberta)Feb. 21Feb. 20Feb. 19Feb. 18Feb. 16Feb. 15
Ash WednesdayFeb. 9Mar. 1Feb. 21Feb. 6Feb. 25Feb. 17
Orthodox Lent BeginsMar. 14Mar. 6Feb. 19Mar. 10Mar. 2Feb. 15
Washington's Birthday, U.SFeb. 22Feb. 22Feb. 22Feb. 22Feb. 22Feb. 22
St. Patrick's DayMar. 17Mar. 17Mar. 17Mar. 15*Mar. 17Mar. 17
Note, for 2008 Roman Catholic Church changed the date to not conflict with the Holy Date Observance for March 17, 2008
Spring EquinoxMar. 20Mar. 20Mar. 21Mar. 20Mar. 20Mar. 20
Palm SundayMar. 20Apr. 9Apr. 1Mar. 16Apr. 5Mar. 28
Daylight Savings Time Begins, U.S & Canada Apr. 3Apr. 2Mar. 11Mar. 9Mar. 8Mar. 14
Jewish PassoverApr. 24Apr. 13Apr. 3Apr. 20Apr. 9Mar. 30
Good Friday (Holiday in Canada)Mar. 25Apr. 14Apr. 6Mar. 21Apr. 10Apr. 2
Easter SundayMar. 27Apr. 16Apr. 8Mar. 23Apr. 12Apr. 4
Easter Monday (Holiday in Canada)Mar. 28Apr. 17Apr. 9Mar. 24Apr. 13Apr. 5
Orthodox Easter SundayMay 1Apr. 23Apr. 8Apr. 27Apr. 19Apr. 4
Cinco de MayoMay 5May 5May 5May 5May 5May 5
Mother's DayMay 8May 14May 13May 11May 10May 9
Victoria Day, CanadaMay 23May 22May 21May 19May 18May 24
Memorial Day, U.SMay 30May 29May 28May 26May 25May 31
Flag Day, U.S.June 14June 14June 14June 14June 14June 14
Father's DayJune 19June 18June 17June 15June 21June 20
Summer SolsticeJune 21June 21June 21June 20June 21June 21
St. Jean-Baptiste Day (Quebec)June 24June 24June 24June 24June 24June 24
Canada Day, CanadaJuly 1July 1July 1July 1July 1July 1
Independence Day, U.SJuly 4July 4July 4July 4July 4July 4
Civic Holiday, CanadaAug. 1Aug. 7Aug. 6Aug. 4Aug. 3Aug. 2
Labor Day, U.SSep. 5Sep. 4Sep. 3Sep. 1Sep. 7Sep. 6
Labour Day, CanadaSep. 5Sep. 4Sep. 3Sep. 1Sep. 7Sep. 6
Grandparent's DaySep. 11Sep. 10Sep. 9Sep. 7Sep. 13Sep. 12
Fall EquinoxSep. 22Sep. 23Sep. 23Sep. 22Sep. 22Sep. 23
Jewish New YearOct. 4Sep. 23Sep. 13Sep. 30Sep. 19Sep. 9
Yom KippurOct. 13Oct. 2 Sep. 22Oct. 9Sep. 28Sep. 18
Columbus Day, U.SOct. 10Oct. 9Oct. 8Oct. 13Oct. 12Oct. 11
Thanksgiving Day, CanadaOct. 10Oct. 9Oct. 8Oct. 13Oct. 12Oct. 11
Daylight Savings Time Ends, U.S & CanadaOct. 30Oct. 29Nov. 4Nov. 2Nov. 1Nov. 7
HalloweenOct. 31Oct. 31Oct. 31Oct. 31Oct. 31Oct. 31
Election Day, U.S Nov. 7 Nov. 4 Nov. 2
Veteran's Day, U.SNov. 11Nov. 11Nov. 11Nov. 11Nov. 11Nov. 11
Remembrance Day, Canada (Alberta)Nov. 11Nov. 11Nov. 11Nov. 11Nov. 11Nov. 11
Canada's National Child DayNov. 20Nov. 20Nov. 20Nov. 20Nov. 20Nov. 20
Thanksgiving Day, U.SNov. 24Nov. 23Nov. 22Nov. 27Nov. 26Nov. 25
HanukkahDec. 26 - Jan. 2Dec. 16 - Dec. 23Dec. 5 - Dec. 12Dec. 22 - Dec. 29Dec. 12 - Dec. 19Dec. 2- Dec. 9
Winter SolsticeDec. 21Dec. 22Dec. 22Dec. 21Dec. 21Dec. 21
Christmas Eve, U.S & CanadaDec. 24Dec. 24Dec. 24Dec. 24Dec. 24Dec. 24
Christmas Day, U.S & CanadaDec. 25Dec. 25Dec. 25Dec. 25Dec. 25Dec. 25
Boxing Day, CanadaDec. 26Dec. 26Dec. 26Dec. 26Dec. 26Dec. 26
New Year's EveDec. 31Dec. 31Dec. 31Dec. 31Dec. 31Dec. 31

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