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A calendar is a system in which different cultures and people around the world use for organizing for social, religious, and other purposes. Although the calendar is used for the same purpose, there is more than one calendar out there. Below you will find various calendars and how they differ from each other:

NameTypeMonths in YearDays in YearDays in MonthsDays in WeekLeap DaysLeap Months
GregorianSolar12365 or 36628, 29, 30 or 317YesNo
JulianSolar12365 or 36628, 29, 30 or 317YesNo
HebrewSolar and Lunar12 or 13353, 355, 383 or 38529 or 307YesYes
ISOSolar12365 or 36628, 29, 30 or 317YesNo
Coptic and EthiopicSolar13365 or 3665, 6 or 30?YesNo
IslamicLunar12354 or 35529 or 307YesNo
PersianSolar12365 or 36629, 30 or 317YesNo
Baha'iSolar20365 or 3664, 5 or 197YesNo

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