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Sign Tropical Sidereal Astronomical Dates
circa 2000 C.E.
Start DateStop Date# Days Start DateStop Date Start DateStop Date# Days
AriesSign March 21April 1930 April 14May 14 April 19May 1325
TaurusSign April 20May 2031 May 15June 14 May 14June 1937
GeminiSign May 21June 2031 June 15July 16 June 20July 2031
CancerSign June 21July 2232 July 17August 16 July 21August 920
LeoSign July 23August 2231 August 17September 16 August 10September 1537
VirgoSign August 23September 2231 September 17October 17 September 16October 3045
LibraSign September 23October 2230 October 18November 16 October 31November 2223
ScorpioSign October 23November 2130 November 17December 15 November 23November 297
Ophiuchus         November 30December 1718
SagittariusSign November 22December 2130 December 16January 14 December 18January 1832
CapricornSign December 22January 1929 January 15February 12 January 19February 1528
AquariusSign January 20February 1830 February 13March 14 February 16March 1124 - 25
PiscesSign February 19March 2030 - 31 March 15April 13 March 12April 1838

The Tropical Zodiac Dates are used primarily in the United States of America and Western Europe. The Sidereal Zodiac Dates are used elsewhere. More information about the Sidereal Zodiac is available.

The Actual Astronomical Dates for the Zodiac are based upon the information from another website, Sun Signs: Astronomical vs Astrological.

Zodiac sign Icons by Ilona Melis found at the IliCons Site. They seemed a perfect addition to this page.

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