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For centuries, eastern medicine and findings have been accredited for being legitimate remedies and solutions to so many things. The Chinese, especially, are famous for their unique inventions. 700 years ago in Beijing, the Chinese Gender Calendar was discovered. It is the oldest method of predicting the sex or gender of a baby. Some also call it "Baby Gender Charts" and "Chinese Birth Charts." There is a folklore that claims a Chinese scientist discovered data buried in a royal tomb close to the city of Peking, China.

Many believe that the calendar came from many years of studying statistics that dealt with the mother's age and time of conception. They were especially favorable for couples who desired to have a son. Giving birth to a boy was more idealized in china because of a couple reasons. In those days, china was a very agricultural society. Therefore, the ancient Chinese believed that a boy is much more economically beneficial because he can help out with farm work more than a girl can. Girls were raised to stay home until about 16 years old, and then married off to their husbands. Only boys could inherit property and carry on the family business. Also, boys were beneficial because they would join the army.

The way the calendar works is that the final results are calculated based on the woman's age and month of conceiving. It is done by two straight lines being drawn, a horizontal line for the woman's age and a vertical line representing the month of conception. The spot where the two lines meet reveals the sex of the baby. For example, by looking at the chart you can see that a 26 year old (lunar age) that conceived on the 8th lunar month would have a boy. Although it is not a chart that should be heavily relied on, many claim that it gives incredibly accurate results. It mostly used for entertainment nowadays. However, some still swear by it and claim that it is over 90% accurate. If you do decide to use this calendar remember that the mother's age and month the baby was conceived are determined by the Chinese lunar calendar. Therefore, the results will only be accurate if you are using the Chinese lunar calendar. To convert your age and western month into the Chinese age and month you can find a lunar age calculator online.

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