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Although there are books, doctors, and other information out there about pregnancy, there is still so much left to know. Being pregnant can be a beautiful, yet scary thing. There is so much happening in your body that although you shouldn't obsess over it, it is natural to want to know all that is going on. Many women suffer from morning sickness and other things during their pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to know why things occur and how they can be treated. For this reason, pregnancy calendars are highly useful for expecting mothers. Pregnancy calendars are to help you keep track of your pregnancy and to be organized. They give you tips on how to stay healthy during your pregnancy as well. Most of the pregnancy calendars out there let you and your fetus be comfortable with having the knowledge of what should be expected on a weekly basis. It tells you about the changes your body makes each week and during each trimester. You might be able to save yourself a few phone calls to the doctor by referring to a weekly pregnancy calendar. Some websites even have 2-D and 3-D diagrams that show what is happening inside your body each week of your pregnancy. Seeing visual images is a great way to gather information and understand the changes occurring in your body and to your baby. If you are interested in a funny pregnancy calendar check out http://alphamom.com/pregnancy-calendar-overview. You will get helpful information as well as a few chuckles while reading the information on this website. Some calendars only provide information on what to expect for each trimester.

Another thing that you can do just for fun is create a pregnancy countdown calendar. You can make one for free on http://www.daystogo.com. The website generates a custom graphic that you may place on your website or forum that will automatically countdown your due date or track how far along your pregnancy you are. By choosing your due date from the calendar, the website will automatically count down how many days, weeks, and months of pregnancy you have left, along with calculating how many days, weeks, and months pregnant you are so far. Furthermore, a very cool version of a pregnancy calendar is the Pampers Hello Baby Pregnancy Calendar. This calendar allows you to experience a baby's development from weeks 4 to 40 by showing a life-sized image of detailed growth that occurs in the womb. This feature is available as an iPhone or iPad application.

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