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Samoa Time Zone Change

Though science has gone through great lengths to disprove the theory of time travel, in the year 2012 it will be possible; technically. In the Islands of Samoa, an important decision has been made that will greatly affect both Samoa and the neighboring U.S. territory, American Samoa. This decision places Samoa on the eastern side of the international dateline, while American Samoa remains on the western side. What does this mean? It means that though islands of Samoa and American Samoa are only physically 80 miles apart, they will have an entire 24 hours or calendar day difference. How is this possible? The International Date Line (IDL) is an imaginary vertical line that runs north and south through the earth. This line is found on the Pacific Ocean and those who travel east of the line subtract 24 hours from the current time and those traveling west of the line repeat the day that they are on currently. Under the new time zone rules for Samoa, it is then possible to take a short 30 minute ride from Samoa and repeat the same calendar day in American Samoa. In short, it will now technically be possible to relive any day of the year.

The rationale behind this decision is mainly economic. The islands of Samoa do business with many countries on the eastern side of the International Date Line, such as Australia, South East Asia, and New Zealand. The current time situation causes Samoa to lose a great deal of business opportunities because it is Sunday in Samoa when it is Monday in places in which they do business with and it is Saturday in these locations while it is Friday in Samoa. These two weekly occurrences lead to Samoa loosing an extra two days off of their business week. Therefore, changing to east of the time line is a very logical choice. The choice also adds the added advantage of being a tourist attraction. Samoa will be one of the most notable and accessible locations in the world to offer the ability to travel a short time and repeat a calendar day. Samoa believes that they can market double birthdays, anniversaries or holidays to tourist eager to partake in the gimmick. Added revenue from the tourist sector, along with the ability to participate in two additional days of business a week will greatly affect Samoa and American Samoa's economies for the better.

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