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The Fishing Calendar

Some fishing calendars are based on the phase of the moon, the moon's zodiac sign, and experience. Local conditions, tides, and weather may affect someone's fishing experience. Therefore, it is important to have a fishing calendar that informs you about these things. For each day of a month, there is a rating of best, good, fair, or poor. A "Best" day means that you will catch something almost every time you cast your line in the water. A "Good" day means you will catch a sufficient number of fish. A "Fair" day means you will have to work hard to catch just a couple fish. Lastly, "Poor" days consist of the fish either stealing your bait or not touching the line at all.

Here is a list of the ratings for august 18, 2011 - September 6, 2011.

Aug 18, 2011 POOR Evening
Aug 19, 2011 POOR Evening
Aug 20, 2011 FAIR Evening
Aug 21, 2011 FAIR Morning
Aug 22, 2011 POOR Morning
Aug 23, 2011 POOR Morning
Aug 24, 2011 BEST Morning
Aug 25, 2011 BEST Morning
Aug 26, 2011 POOR Morning
Aug 27, 2011 POOR Morning
Aug 28, 2011 POOR Evening
Aug 29, 2011 POOR Evening
Aug 30, 2011 POOR Evening
Aug 31, 2011 POOR Evening
Sep 01, 2011 POOR Evening
Sep 02, 2011 GOOD Evening
Sep 03, 2011 GOOD Evening
Sep 04, 2011 POOR Morning
Sep 05, 2011 POOR Morning
Sep 06, 2011 POOR Morning

Furthermore, there is something called a lunar fishing calendar which tells fisherman when the best time to fish is according to the phase of the moon. Also, it is very helpful to know the times that the moon and sun rise and set because it will create more opportunities. Fish are most active during the 90 minute period surrounding the times when the moon and sun rise and set. Also, stable weather is important to have in order to have a good fishing experience. A lunar fishing calendar will provide you enough information for when a good time to go fishing is. Moreover, it is important to know that fishing is better on an incoming tide when the moon is waning and on the outgoing tide when the moon is waxing. Moreover, the Maori Fishing Calendar was made by a group of Pacific people that fishing was better on certain days of the lunar cycle. Their graph shows that the best time to catch fish is from three to five in the morning. They found that the moon's gravitational pull directly affects the appetite of animals. Therefore, when the moon is over head, fish get hungry for some reason. As mentioned before, the sun has almost the same affect. Light also plays an important part in catching fish. The fish must be able to see the bait in order for them to come close enough for you to catch them.

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