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When you are not at work or school, it is important to manage your personal time because everything in your life is chained together. If you mess up your schedule for one thing, you will be late for another. That is why it is important for everyone to learn how to manage their daily activities so that feelings of being overwhelmed can be avoided as much as possible. It is difficult to stay grounded when we are bombarded with so many tasks. Also, our schedules are so busy that we sometimes struggle to find any time for ourselves or to spend with others. On an average day, we spend about 8 hours sleeping, 2 hours for household chores, 8 or less hours at work or school, 3 hours taking care of others and maybe 1 hour for ourselves. And if you have a spouse or kids, your time is taken up even more. You must know how much time you have to manage in order to be able to manage your personal time. In order to ensure that you are managing your time wisely at all times, you should follow these steps.

    * Make a realistic list of categories that consume your time on an average day. Work or school, sleep and personal time are most important.
          If you are at work or school almost all day and come homier to go straight to sleep, you are taking away your chances of having personal time. Sleep is good for you, however, not too much of it. Maybe try sleeping half an hour to an hour later depending on how much personal time you need.

    * Personal time leads to relaxation and feeling good about oneself. Fit this time into your schedule to do leisurely activities that you love such as reading, shopping, exercise and mediation.

    * Also, use your break time at work to your advantage. I if you have a quick errand to run or just need a few minutes by yourself, bring a book or music to listen to. Doing this will help one's mental health tremendously.

    * Leave some of your daily chores for the weekend.

    * Multi-tasking is also a good way to get many things done at once so that you will have more time for yourself later.

    * If you live with other people, don't hesitate to ask for help on household chores. It will take a load off your shoulders when all of the work is not left up to you.

    * Most importantly, make a to-do-list of your daily or weekly plans and check them off as you do those tasks.

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