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Time Management At Work

Success in the workplace is often not a result of pure ability, but one's ability to finish tasks in an orderly and timely matter; time management is the key to this type of success. There are several strategies that reduce the amount of time wasted in the workplace and subsequently increase productivity.

Planning out one's work day and setting priorities are a very important part of office time management. Making a clear list of time sensitive assignments and planning when you will complete these assignments is of the upmost importance. Awareness of which tasks are the most important for the present, and which are long term allows for more organization and tells you which tasks should be completed first. A list also creates the ability to check things off that have been completed, which creates a feeling of accomplishment and helps reduce feelings of being overwhelmed on especially busy days. All of these strategies increase an individual's control in the workplace; control is a key part of time management.

On less active days, managing spare time is also a very important part of time management at work. There is no progress to be made by not doing anything productive, so in these times a good time management strategy is to plan/prepare for when more work is to come. This could be as simple as preparing commonly used forms or pre-addressing/stamping envelopes. It could also be as simple as neatening up one's work space and improving organization of office space. Having an easy to navigate and organized work environment guarantees greater time management and productivity, with less time spent rummaging through a messy desk.

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