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Time Management Checklist

These tips will help you manage your time on a daily basis. Keeping this checklist will be beneficial in helping you be organized and prompt.

1. Start your day early

If you live with other people, it's nice to get up half an hour or so before everyone else does and just enjoy some time by yourself. Also, by waking up early you will be able to finish more tasks throughout the day.

2. Prioritize your tasks

They say it's better to do the hard tasks first, then move on to the easier ones; however, there really is no right or wrong method to being responsible except for prioritizing the most essential things at the top of your list. For example, if you have a project for school due soon but you really want a pair of shoes from the mall, it's much better to use that time to work on your project. In other words, don't be a procrastinator.

3. Use a daily planner to write your goals and lists of things to do

Use a planner or calendar to write things down so you won't forget. You can use it to remember both your professional stuff and personal stuff.

4. Take breaks

When you are working on a project for school or work, use the positive reinforcement method. For example, tell yourself to work for an hour then you will buy yourself ice cream or go for a walk. This will motivate you to work more efficiently and have fewer distractions.

5. Group errands together

If you are going to the bank and you need to go grocery shopping, try to make it to the location that has both next to each other. This way you will kill two birds with one stone. This will save you so much time and stress because you won't have to constantly worry about running from one end of the world to another.

6. Don't waste time with pointless distractions

In the age of social media, it is easy to get distracted from work or school. Facebook and Twitter have made some people so addicted to the point of distracting them from doing any work. If you are really dying to go on one of these social media sites, use the reward system by telling yourself to wait until you finish at least 2 tasks until you get to go on Facebook, for example. This will also motivate you to wait longer and push your impulses aside.

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