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Time Management Exercises

Managing ones time wisely is one of the most important things in a person's life but also one of the most difficult. With procrastination arguably more easy than ever before, there are exercises that need to be taken to stay focused on important tasks. Combining two strategies of time wasting control and goal setting can drastically improve an individual's time management.

One of the most simple time management exercises is to limit the amount of time you waste in a given day. In today's world, time management seems very difficult, thanks to the vast popularity of social media sites and the growlingly use of technology that allows the constant connection with the internet and those around. It is important to realize how much time you waste on things such as these and other distractions. Taking time logs of time spent doing activities besides your work can be a great eye opener on how much time you waste in any given day. Once it has been identified where you waste the most time, targeting these specific things and reducing your use will greatly improve your time management.

A broader but equally important time management exercise is the setting of short term and long term goals. The importance of goals lies in an individual's need to connect seemingly mundane tasks to a greater vision. Setting long terms goals allows for a person to see the importance of present tasks in order to meet a larger goal at a later time. Short term goals are also necessary because they give individuals things to accomplish, which increases motivation to get more things done. Rewarding yourself for completing long term and short term goals is also another motivation tool to stay focused and therefore, manage your time more effectively.

Time management is difficult to track. You can save money, and track it via seeing what is in your savings account. You can lose weight, and track it via getting on a scale. Time management, on the other hand, can't be tracked, however that certainly doesn't mean it has great importance in today's world.

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