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Time Management In College

Out of all the places where time management is a challenge, college may be the most difficult setting. With distractions at every corner, it is important to stay focused and follow some easy and effective strategies for improving time management in college.

Many of the most effective college time management strategies are simple and easy to do. A calendar or written agenda can keep you aware of the many tasks that you have to complete on any given day. Having one place where all of your important information written is also an effective strategy because it makes it very difficult to miss information. As a college student, having time to relax and enjoy the college experience is also important for remaining stress-free and focused. The unpredictability of college life makes flexibility key and good time management allows for the ability to be flexible.

The most important time management skill for college students is minimizing procrastination. This includes not putting off important assignments in exchange for a party or other social situations. Limiting procrastination is also characterized by spreading out your assignments, to insure that you don't become overwhelmed the night before multiple assignments are due. Counter procrastination by setting priorities and pointing out to yourself what is important and what is not. In college, knowing the difference between what you want to do and what you need to do is the key to success.

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