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Time Management Questionnaire

Managing your time is an extremely important aspect of being responsible, and taking care of the tasks that must be down throughout the day. Time management requires logic, planning, and patience. Furthermore, once an individual can properly manage his or her time, the rest of the day may not feel as rushed or stressful. In return helps create a sense of relaxation, that you managed to properly address all of your tasks in a timely fashion, and can now enjoy the day stress free. Are you managing your time properly? If you think so, answer yes or no to some of these various questions:

1) _____ I am satisfied with the way I use my time.
2) _____ I have a clear idea of what I want to accomplish during the coming semester.
3) _____ I make constructive use of my commuting time.
4) _____ I prepare a daily or weekly "to do" list.
5) _____ I am able to meet deadlines without rushing at the last minute.
6) _____ I feel I use my time effectively.
7) _____ I force myself to make time for planning.

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