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Time Management Strategies

Here are 5 great strategies to follow to better incorporate time management into your life:

1) Keep a Calendar - By keeping a calendar, not only do you ensure yourself of not missing important projects, but you also are able to motivate yourself as it feels good to cross off a task a completed.

2) Pick and Choose Your Tasks and Projects - say no to bad ones - If you try to do too many things, you will spread yourself thin and do nothing as best as possible. To prevent this from happening - it is important to say no to projects and tasks that you shouldn't be doing. One of the most important aspects to time management is saying no to things that are essentially going to waste your time.

3) Prioritize Your Tasks So That The Important Tasks Get Done - The harsh reality exists that most of us can't get everything done that we want to get done. Because of this, prioritization is crucial. When something important needs to be done - it should be at the top of your todo list - once it is there - it is much more likely to get done. And if something is at the bottom of your todo list don't get done - it won't be a very big deal since they wouldn't be top priority projects.

4) Small Quick Tasks That Can Increase Productivity - A lot of time people are so rushed that they don't take care of small things which would increase productivity. For example, say your internet connection is slow and causes common web-based tasks to take longer. If you took 15 minutes out of your day to call the internet service provider, the issue could be addressed. However many people don't want to deal with calling the ISP because they feel it is a waste of time. But again, this 15 minute phone call will end up saving you more time in the long run as a result of the added productivity that your faster internet connection brings you

5) Avoid Traffic - Traffic jams are a huge time waster for many people. People literally sit n traffic two to three hours per day to get to work or another destination. Often times traffic is unavoidable however other times one can think outside of the box to address the situation. Maybe you can work 2 extra hours per day and then not have to work on Friday - this would result in a day without traffic. Or maybe you can change their work hours, so that they work from 6am - 3pm instead of 8pm - 5pm - thus limiting the traffic on the roads at the times you are commuting. Regardless, it is always a good idea to think about this, and talk with your bosses or associates about strategies and solutions to cut down the time you sit in traffic. Because when we are in traffic, we are almost always wasting time.

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